Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This week was FULL of miracles!!! And we taught a TON! 31 lessons. INSANE. We are sooo busy but I am loving every single second of this work. I love my area so much! I love my companion, I love the people, I love this gospel, I love just everything about being on a mission. We have been trying to be so exactly obedient and we have seen tons of miracles from it. I think it would take me all day to write all the miracles we have seen this week. But first off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARIAH! I cant believe you are already 17! Stop growing up would ya?! :)
Okay so Tuesday we had a recently returned missionary from the English ward come out with us! She just got back from Bolivia and her Spanish is perfect!! So it was awesome having her come out with us. She always brought the spirit in so strong. Especially in our lesson with Maria and Valerie. Holy cow AWESOME lesson!! We taught part of the Plan of Salvation and we were teaching and then it all got quiet and Maria said, "oh man... I feel like im going to..cry." AH THATS THE SPIRIT! we pointed out the spirit to her and she just gets it!!! We are prayinngggg that she gets baptized soon!! Her son is going on a mission soonish so we hope that helps!! 
Wednesday we went to District Meeting and then we had interviews with President Ashton!! He had me teach him the Kingdoms of glory and I made him laugh. haha it was awesome! He asked me a question that I had never thought of before and I had no idea how to answer it... so I just told him that that was a great question and that I would study it for him! he was dying. So then the coolest thing happened later that day. We went to teach a potential named Stella and we asked her for referrals. She said that her neighbor might be interested but that she is deaf and doesn't speak. Hermana Duncan got super excited because she knows sign language!! So we had a lesson with her!! I had NO idea what was going on but I felt the spirit so strong!! Her name is Rosa and we are having a lesson with her this week with the sign language missionaries. She was really grateful and open and it was just the coolest experience. I felt so much love for her! Then that night we saw Yvette and she wants to get baptized really bad but she wants her husband to baptize her! Her husband is a less active and returned missionary.. so we are praying so hard that he has a change of heart!!! I love Yvette and she is so ready!
Friday we went on some adventures! Our area just got made bigger and so we went to explore the area that we took from the elders! Funny story. I put a wrong address in the GPS for an investigator we were trying to find but we ended up finding a superrr awesome family!!! The mom doesn't go to any church which is perfect!! And she accepted baptism! We are sooo excited to teach them :) Miracle!! Oh and we ate about 4 tamales that day. Good thing I love them :) OH!! so we do this thing... where we are driving in the car and if we wave at someone and they wave back, then we pull the car over and get out to talk to them. So we got out and talked to this lady named Elsie and she is the cutest. We told her there is a temple in El Salvador where she is from and her face LIT UP! She was so happy!! So we are going backtonight to teach her about temples and show her the video of the El Salvador Temple! YAY!! I have such a strong testimony of talking to everyone!
Saturday we taught a TON! And it was awesome!! Another miracle. So we are really trying to talk to EVERYONE. So the night before, we talked to this girl named Mariela. She was outside playing soccer! I started talking to her and we told her we wanted to play soccer with her but that we would come back the next day! So we went back ready with our soccer clothes and everything but they were just about to leave. We got to teach them for 5 minutes though and they are a BEAUTIFUL family. A mother with 5 kids. They are all sooooo darling. And so open! They loved having us over and I loved being there. We are seeing them again tonight and playing soccer this time and applying it to the Plan of Salvation! Should be fun!
Sunday was full of miracles too!! 3 less actives that haven't come to church in a while came!!! And we had 3 investigators at church!! They all LOVED church!!! Then we saw the Familia Hernandez. A part member family. The mom doesn't really want to get baptized but the father wants to be an eternal family. It broke my heart that the mother didn't want to do anything and seeing how bad the father wanted to be an eternal family. Pray for that family!! They are amazing! And gave us MORE TAMALES. Enough to feed an army. :)
Well I don't have any more time but I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and support and I hope yall have a great week! This is truly the Lords work and I am SO happy to be where I am right now. I don't want to be anywhere but here! :)
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Dorian

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