Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Heart Attacking and lots of faith WORKS!

Where do I begin?! I have started writing down on a sticky note in my planner everything that happens during the week so that I dont forget. Too many things happened this week! They dont fit one sticky note!! This week was PACKED FULL of miracles and stuff. we were sooo busy. I have my ongoing study of faith and this week i changed my prayers. I started just praying for the gift of faith and let me tell you, Heavenly Father heard those prayers!! Because of our faith and hard work this week, we saw SO many miracles. Like miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle. Okay I will stop talking about it and start telling you about them!! 

To start off, Monday we had Zone Activity. haha definitely did Hunger Games... where one companionship had to find another copmanionship. We did it in a legit forest. SO COOL. Anyways so we were driving back and we got back into our area right at 6 and we were hungry. We wanted to get food but we decided not to because we needed to get to our appointments. That night, we got to see some investigators that we havent seen in a while!! We saw Yvette and she is still preparing for and thinking of baptism!! Then we saw Francis who apparently was going to get baptized before. She is really busy though and we finally found her at home. Then she gave us pizza. BLESSINGS for being obedient!! :) 

On Tuesday, we went to see Dora and Slatenka and Slatenka had stopped drinking coffee on her own to prepare for her baptism!! She didnt come to church yesterday because she is so busy but we arent losing faith!! She can still get baptized!! But we taught the Word of Wisdom and then got talking about the temples! I showed her a temple brochure of the Fort Lauderdale temple that I had in my scriptures and she LOVED it! She said she wants to go there so bad. So does Dora! So we are working really hard with them so that Dora can go and do baptisms and Slatenka as well after she gets baptized. P.S. Dora has a pet DEER!! Its name is bambi. in a cage on the side of her house. Pictures coming soon. hilarious!!! Okay so then that day it rained SO HARD! Thunder and lightning for hours!! Later that night we went to go see the Familia Aquino and their drive way is all dirt. That night it was all mud. They thought it was HILARIOUS that we walked through the mud to get to their door. Hey, gotta do what ya gotta do. There is still mud on my shoes. It was fun! 

Wednesday we went to see a part member family. Actually we just went to go see the wife who isnt a member. She is so closed off though and doesnt talk much or show any desire in knowing that the church is true. Our ward mission leader knows we can help her though and says we are the only ones that can. So we are working sooo hard with her!!! Please pray for her!! We got to see lots of awesome people that day though!! Funniest thing ever was when we were having dinner with Brother and Sister Ramos, Brother Ramos was telling us about his best friend that has a house in Utah and has been there for a while. He was trying to remember what it was called. He said his friend described it as "not a nice place, just a normal place." so then i asked more questions and we figured out that his friend has a house in HEBER CITY. hahahahahahahaha i was dying. I love my Heber City :) 

OKay I dont have much time so I am going to focus on the other amazing miracles we had this week. So for weeks and weeks we have been trying to get ahold of this less active family. WEEKS. They would never open the door and they dont come to church. Nothing. Everytime we went over though we would leave a nice note. Then we started heart attacking people. Then one sunday we were trying to contact them and happened to be there right as the Hermana was getting home. We set up an appointment for Thursday!! Thursday came and we had a member come out with us. We drove to their house, with doubts that they would even be there. We wait a few minutes. And a few more minutes. AND THEN THEY OPENED THE DOOR AND LET US IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whattt??? Such a miracle. We shared a scripture about the Atonement and then talked about reading the scriptures as a family. She said that it made her excited or gave her animos para hacerlo!! Yay!! man we were stoked. We told the WML about it on Sunday and he was stoked too!! So awesome. Then we went and had a lesson with Xavier and Heidi. I dont know if i have talked about them. oh yes i have! they were the referral. So we taught them the Plan of Salvation and it was the most amazing lesson. One of the most spiritual. At the end, Xavier said, "Thank you guys so much for coming over! Really there is a different feeling when you guys are here. Almost heavenly. It feels really nice!" AHHHH!!!! i couldnt stop smiling the entire lesson!! And then he offered to send the closing prayer!! He told us he was athiest the first time we talked to him and then he wanted to pray. SO AWESOME. He also accepted a date for the 12 of july!!! please pray for him!!! bad news is they werent able to go to church and we got a call from Xaviers mom telling us they didnt want to participate. Well his wife mostly. But we arent losing faith!!!! He can still be baptized!! It was just so awesome though. 

Friday we got to meet some investigators in the new area we took over from the elders and they are wanting to get baptized really bad!! yes!!! Then we had dinner with Mario, his dad Jose, and his wife Elizabeth. Jose and Elizabeth arent members, Mario is and he served a mission!! It was a really good dinner and Elizabeth was a lot more open!! we are really praying that she has a change of heart! she is going to another church right now so we are just going to show her we love her and continue to go by and share messages with them!! 

Saturday was way fun!! We started out by going to the bishops house to help the jovenes with family history!! i am getting a bit addicted!! haha its so fun! and hard too!! but awesome. Then we ran to Walmart to get cupcakes for Eunice because it was her birthday!! we surprised her and then taught her and she told us she wants to get baptized! She just has to get divorced and then married! She can totally do it and we are so excited for her! :) Then that night we went to see Maria and Valerie and Oswaldo. They were having a party for Oswaldo for his birthday. So we got to party with them! it was fun. Then we went and saw the Familia Morales. They are the BEST!!! They kept joking around about the Word of Wisdom. Kinda had to be there. Love that family though!

Sunday morning was CRAZY. We stopped by EVERYONE to get them to church!! and guess who finally came. MARIA AND VALERIE!!!! Finally!!! it was sooo great!! So did Erica Hernanadez. We also had tons of less actives show up. It was just a happy happy sunday :) It had some down sides but mostly upsides!! :) 

Basically it was just an amazing week and I dont think words can describe how I feel about it. I just love this work so much. Its hot here. And its a lot of work. But I love every single second of it. I thought for a second today about going home and it made me cry. This is my home. I love this so much and I wouldnt trade all the bad and good times for anything!! :) Thank you for all your prayers and love and support! Love you all!

Con amor, Hermana Dorian

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