Tuesday, June 16, 2015


HELLO everyone!! I hope yall had an amazing week this week! This week was hard, fun, exciting, and great all at the same time! An ongoing thing I have running through my head is just FAITH. I study faith every morning and when I start to get discouraged, I just think about faith and how much faith I had last week, and that of course I can have that faith ALL the time! I just have to pray for it!! This morning I read in 3 Nephi chapter 18 and Christ right before He blesses all their children, tells them that because of their faith, He was full of joy. I had never thought of faith that way! I never thought that when I have faith, the Lord is happy and full of joy. So why would I not strive to have faith all the time?! If I want to please the Lord, I have to have faith. So that is why faith is so important. And we see miracles through faith!
So to start off, on Tuesday we had to go see everyone so that Hermana Duncan could say goodbye! It was so sad. I hate goodbyes, and I wasnt even the one saying them! But we got to see a lot of awesome people. Maria and Valerie made us cupcakes. RED VELVET. They know me allllllllll too well and how much I love red velvet. We also got to see Yvette! We talked to her about eternal families and the temple and she wants to so bad! She is just waiting on her husband to get active again so that he can baptize her! They said they were going to come to church yesterday but they didnt :( BUT we are not losing faith and we are going to visit them a lot more! They will be an eternal family!! :)
Wednesday was transfer day!! We showed up to the mission office a little late... oops. Everyone was already sitting down and President Ashton was about to announce all the companionships. I had NO IDEA who I was going to train!! But all the girls were so cute and looked so fun! So President Ashton went through all the english sisters first then to spanish... And I am training HERMANA TAYLOR! She is awesome!!! She is from Hurrican, Utah! I was praying soooo hard that I would train a sister that was ready to work hard and be exactly obedient. And that is her in a sentence. We get along so well and we are having a lot of fun! We are alot alike and have similar personalities. She is also a combination of like 3 of my friends. So.. its GREAT! I am really happy to train her and that she will probably be my last companion :) The Lord knows EXACTLY what we need. That is confirmed to me every single day. That night, we went RIGHT to work too. We got back and went strait to an appointment with the Familia Espitia. THey are amazing. We are trying so hard to get them to come back to church. I know they will. But then Hermana Taylor got to meet Dora and Rosalinda. Super awesome people :)
Okay that was like the big exciting day today and now I am just going to tell yall the main things that happened this week:
1. We contacted a referral this week. The couples names are Renee and Angelica. They are from Puerto Rico and have been here in Texas for a year. Renee works with an active member in our ward and thats where we got the referral. So we decided to contact them and they immediately let us in. We talked and talked and taught Angelica about church and what we do. The coolest thing though was when we mentioned the temple, we told her that families can be together forever through covenants we make in the temple. Immediately her eyes got soooo big and she was like "Hey!!! Like that family that just got killed in Spring!!!" I was reaaaaalllllyyyy confused because i had no idea what she was talking about. I mean come on... I'm a missionary. I dont know whats going on in the world. Anyways, she continues to tell us that she saw on the news that there is a mormon family that was living in Spring, Texas by the temple and they were all killed except for the 13 year old daughter. The 13 year old was interviewed on the news and she was in peace. Because she knew that since they were sealed, that they were going to be together forever and she was going to see them again. Angelica was sooo impressed by that girl!! I was like.. man! The temple is AWESOME. Then she fed us a Puerto Rican snack. Chedder cheese with guava paste! It was delicious!! :) We are excited to go back and see them!
2. Friday we went on an exchange with Sister Sellers! I stayed in the area and then Sister Taylor went to hers. It was such a fun exchange!! And we saw some miracles! We were FINALLY able to see Eunice!! She was really sad and going through a really hard time... and so we just listened and shared some scriptures with her and just told her that we loved her and that her Father in Heaven loves her. We also got in with the Familia De Hoyos and did a fun activity with the kids and taught about prophets! Okay but I think before that, I felt like we needed to go see Xavier. I was TERRIFIED to go back there and talk to him. His mom had told us not to go back until he called but he hadnt. So we waited a few weeks and I felt like we needed to go. So we did! He wasnt there, but his wife Heidi was and she told us we could come back on Saturday! So we went back on Saturday and we were praying sooo hard that Xaviers mom would be open and let us in. AND SHE DID!! SHe talked to us for a little bit and then she said she had to go do something so we set up an appointment for next weekend! YAY! Prayers work and were answered!!! And then that night, we went to soccer night and we had lots of investigators there! We are going to actually play this week :) Good thing Hermana Taylor plays soccer!
3. On Saturday, MARIA ARREDONDO FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED!! It was sooooo special! She is AMAZING and holds a very very special place in my heart. I was able to attend the baptism and she started crying when she was telling me how happy she was to be getting baptized. She has so much faith. After she got baptized, Hermana Villarreal and I went to the bathroom door to help her and wait for her and she was having trouble getting the jumper off so we had to help her! PRICELESS. So many memories. So special. OH and we were waiting outside the bathroom and we heard Maria talking and she was saying a prayer. SO CUTE. It does not get cuter than that. I LOVE my job!! :)
Well... thats all I have for yall this week! I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all your prayers and love and support! This church is TRUE! Have a great week!!
Con mucho amor, Hermana Dorian

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