Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 PEOPLE made covenants with their Heavenly Father

My email today will be all about the results of a lot of FAITH

Here are the beautiful 4 girls that got baptized yesterday!! I love them all so much. Ashley, Kenia, Nilzza, and Slatenka!! Ashley and Kenia are sisters, Nilzza and Slatenka are sisters. They are all cousins. Seriously this was the greatest miracle I have seen on my mission so far! Okay let me start from the beginning.

A month ago, President Ashton received revelation that our zone could baptize 10 people on the 12th of july. Or the weekend of the 12th of July. When our district leader told us that, I felt the spirit really strongly that we would be able to participate in that amazing miracle. I immediately thought of Maria and Valerie who had started to progress more. Then a few days later we extended the date to Alan and Slatenka. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we realized that Maria and Valerie just werent ready yet. But Slatenka and Alan had accepted and we were working with them a lot more. Then Xavier had a date for the 12th. Then he dropped us. We were devastated! But we werent going to lose hope or faith! Alan and Slatenka still had dates for the 12th!! Well.... last monday comes around and up until then we had just kept inviting them to prepare for baptism. Then we had to remind them about their date for the following weekend! (probably should have done it sooner... dont learn from that example). Anyways! So on Wednesday we called Dora (Slatenka's mom and recent convert) and asked her if Slatenka was home so we could catch her before she went to work. She said she was getting ready but that yes she was there. We were on the other side of the area and BOOKED it to their house! We show up and Dora's other daughter was there too with all her 7 kids who had all gone to church before :) So we taught them and then asked Slatenka about baptism that weekend. She said she wasnt ready and wanted to be more prepared. So we respected that and invited her to pray about a date. Later that night, we go to their house again to talk to Alan. He wasnt there when we got there, but as we were talking to Dora, he walked in!! That was a miracle!! So we taught him and talked to him about baptism and he just so easily said yes! He has a looooootttt of faith. So we were like okay awesome! Alan is still getting baptized. He became soooooo busy the next 3 days and we werent able to see him. Friday he texted us and told us that his mom was coming in to visit him in August and he wanted her to be there. So we were like okay. No baptism. But i KNEW we could baptize! I just knew it! That night, Elder Dennis (zone leader) called Alan and promised him that if he was baptized that his mom would follow his example! 
Skip to Saturday. I decided to start a new paragraph so i dont bore you! hahaha okay anyways soooo Saturday we couldnt get a hold of him. Around 5, the Zone Leaders called and said they were in our area and ready to go see Alan with us. I knew he would still be at work, but we just decided to take a huge leap of faith. We have been talking ALOT about taking huge leaps of faith!! So we did. Alan wasnt there, but Slatenka was. The elders decided to talk to her! We did a combined lesson and the spirit was SO STRONG. We extended baptism and she said she still wasnt prepared. Elder Clark then said, "I will tell you what. If you pass an interview with Elder Dennis right now, you are prepared!" So they went and did the interview and SHE PASSED AND SAID YES!!!!!!!!! SUCH A MIRACLE! 
Now to Sunday. We fasted. We HAD to. Because that baptism had to happen. They came to church and everything and it was just so awesome! We spent most of church trying to get everything ready for the baptism. During church, Elder Dennis came and asked why Nilzza wasnt getting baptized. It was because she hadnt shown much desire. He went and pulled her out of class and asked her if she wanted to be baptized with her sister. She said YES!!!!!! I was FREAKING out!!!! So we are almost ready to start the baptism, and Dora's other daughter showed up. Her daughters saw that Nilzza was getting baptized too and said, alright we want to be baptized too! WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I was in shock!!!!! The Zone leaders were both there, interviewed them, and they were ready to go!! THEY ALL 4 GOT BAPTIZED! It was such an awesome miracle. 

This week I have been praying a lot for faith. Even when I felt like I had a lot of faith. I prayed for even more faith. I know that through much fasting, prayer, and hard work/diligence, we can see MIRACLES. Miracles that we dont even expect or know could happen! We went from 2 baptisms, to 1, to 0, to 1, then to 4! INCREDIBLE. This church is so true and the Lord is guiding this work!! It's all up to Him. If we just trust in Him and have faith and do all that we can do, then leave the rest to Him, sooo many awesome things happen!! 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! :) Hope yall have an awesome week!! OH yeah! I forgot. I am TRAINING AGAIN!!! Super excited to get my new missionary on wednesday!! :)

​All of us working together to make it happen!! That's Dora in the brown suit. She is the cutest :)

Love you all!!! thanks for all your love and support! Thank you for all the prayers as well! 
Con Amor, Hermana Dorian

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