Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So on my mission, okay actually just this past week, I have developed a new phobia. A phobia of mosquitos. I remember this happening last summer but i forgot how HORRIBLE they get!! There's always a week where they are just insanely bad. Yall should just see me wacking those things out of my face. Hermana Taylor thinks its hilarious. Okay so just imagine this. 
You are in the nice safe car. Then you get out of the car and walk up to someones doorstep to go teach them about the gospel. You stand there for about 2 seconds and then all of a sudden every single mosquito in the world swarms to your legs, arms, face, and neck.
Yeah.. thats us every day :) haha its really actually so funny and we just stand there on peoples porches just swatting away and doing everything we can to not get eaten alive! Then when we go back to get in the car, all of them get IN the car and so then we are laughing our heads off killing all of them. We had about 10 on the windows and the floor this morning when we went to go clean it. Then when we get home they follow us too and we are praying to begin daily planning and then we hear each other swatting our legs and then we just start laughing because it is so funny. Lets just say i have laughed SO much this week! But really... i hate mosquitos and i have developed a fear.... 

Okay so onto our amazing week!! So to start off the week, on Monday Heavenly Father answered my prayers! I have been praying for a media referral because i have such a testimony of them and they are always such prepared people. But we got one!!!! I was sooooooooo excited!! It was for a lady named Ines and that she wanted to go to church and was having problems. I will talk about our dear Ines in a little bit. Stay tuned!!...

Wednesday we saw lots of miracles! We had interviews with President Ashton to start off the day. He is the BEST! He just helps me see the big picture on things that I freak out about. Then after that we went to go see Xavier with a member. The member was a girl so we could go inside and teach him. We read 1 Nephi 3 with him and talked about the importance of keeping the commandments even when we dont understand why we have them. Then at the end we were talking and Hermana Taylor asked him if he knew when he was going to be able to get his I.D. He says, "oh.. i already got it! I got it on Monday.". WHAT?!?!?! We hadnt taught him for a week and a half and in that time he had gotten one step closer to getting married and then baptized. We were SO excited! He still wants to be baptized. I will talk more about him in a minute too. But after that we met with a member from the english ward who taught us how to do Family History. It was awesome :) 

Later Wednesday was when we saw Ines. We went to the street and couldnt find her house so we decided to call her. She answered and we told her who we were and she was like "ohh!! hi!!!" and then told us her address! I was like... man. she sounds so awesome! So we knock and she invites us right in! As we are walking in her husband is already getting us water. She felt really bad because they dont have air conditioning but we were like ITS FINE! No se preocupe :) So we were sitting there talking to her and I was like....is she a member? So i asked her if she had ever met with missionaries before and she said no! So we explained to her what we do as missionaries and she told us about how she has been having problems with her family and that she hasnt always been the best person and right now she wants to change. She is SO READY. She is looking in the right place. She told us that sisters talked to her at H.E.B. where she works and we are so grateful that they did. We taught her the beginning of the Restoration becasue that is all that she would let us get in. She loves to talk :) And we just sit and listen to her. We talked to her about coming to church and gave her a Book of Mormon. She said she usually works on Sundays but we invited her to go talk to her boss and see if she could get it off. We went back last night to see her and guess what. SHE WENT AND DID WHAT WE SUGGESTED! She went and asked her boss and they gave her next Sunday OFF!!! She has soooooo much faith its insane. And she is acting on that faith. This morning Hermana Taylor and I were talking about how we can get people to act and I was like "well lets just take Ines around with us!". We love her so much. She is struggling right now and we just bear testimony of how much this can bless her life and she wants that. She also is making sure we go teach her nuera. (daughter in law). ah i just love her and we are so excited for her!

Friday, started out so weird. NO ONE was home and I didnt know what to do. I just prayed sooooo hard that we would be able to teach someone about the gospel. We decided to call Yuri and see if we could stop by and see her. She said we could!! But we still had some time. So we decided to see a potential named Irma. We are standing there on her porch getting eaten alive by those mosquitos and then she answers the door and is like, "pasenle pasenle!!!" And so we ran inside her house. Hey..... i guess the mosquitos were good for something. EVERYONE has been letting us in. Okay anyways so she lets us in and we got to give her a Book of Mormon. She is SUPER open to learning! But while we were teaching her, mosquitos were swarming us and going up our skirts and everything. not fun. Later that night, we went out with Hermana Hironymous and we got to see a less active that we havent been able to see much. We got in and they talked about stuff and then we shared Alma 32:26-27 with her. After Hermana Taylor finishes bearing testimony and teaching, Hermana Hironymous stands up to leave and like says goodbye and leaves so fast! We were like uh... uh... prayer? okay. nope. bye! it was soooooo funny! oops. 

Sunday was just all over the place. It started raining 15 minutes before church started so LOTS of people didnt come to church!! Satan is working hard! It rains everyyyyy sunday and no one here wants to drive in the rain. So lame!!! But we still saw miracles. Okay but the first hard thing was that Xavier told us he was going to be at church. He called us 20 minutes after we saw him and told us he couldnt go and that he didnt want to do this "mormon thing" anymore because he had to work next sunday. He wants it to be a constant thing.. okay great. So we promised him blessings if he came to church. Then he told us he felt forced. GAHHHH its been an emotional roller coaster with him and all we are doing is trying to help. Satan is working sooooo hard with him because he is so prepared! PRAY for him please!! But... Mario and Jose came!!!! And they stayed for 2 hours instead of 1. MIRACLE.

Okay I am out of time but i lvoe you all and hope yall have the greatest week ever!!! :) 
Sharing the gospel=Happiness. 

Con amor, Hermana Dorian

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