Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Family History ROCKS!

I am sooo pumped about family history right now. I have been since Sunday. So on Sunday me and hermana taylor had to speak in church because the other speaker backed out. We spoke on Elijah's promise to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers. We are LIVING in the midst of this promise!! How cool is that?! He has already come and restored the keys that we need to do temple work for our ancestors to the profeta Joseph Smith and the Lord has provided us with the ways to do this work. I KNOW this is what the Lord wants ALL of us to be doing right now. After Sacrament, our ward set apart the 2 hours of classes to do family history work. We had tons of laptops and iPads all over the gym and people working on family history. It was SO COOL! I helped our recent convert, Francisco, enter in names of his family members. A lot of the members lack dates but we are working on helping them search. It was so cool to see Francisco so excited when we entered in a name! Then, last night we went to go visit some members and we followed up with them on their family history. They said it went really well but they needed some more help on figuring out Hermano's mom's info. So we logged onto FamilySearch and we started entering more information and after a couple minutes she was READY to be taken to the temple :) They were SO HAPPY and sooooo excited to see that and that we were able to help them do it and print it and everything. They are going to Mexico this month and are going to do the work over there :) SO EXCITING. We also were invited to go to the stake priesthood leadership meeting sunday night and they were all PUMPED about Family History work. This stake has a goal to do 10,000 names by the end of next year. So cool. The spirit was so strong in that meeting. We are going to do everything we can to help these members to get going on their family history work. This is the time. If it wasnt, then we wouldnt have set apart 2 hours on Sunday to do Family History. EVERYONE GET ON FAMILY SEARCH AND START DOING FAMILY HISTORY WORK. Its the coolest thing ever and I promise it will make you so happy and you will feel the spirit of Elijah and you will eliminate the influence of Satan in your life. :)
Alright sorry guys..im just so excited about that. Okay so onto this past week. It was gooooood! Really good. Kinda all over the place. The first week of every transfer is always crazy and all over the place. But its cool. We saw some awesome miracles. Tuesday after we went to the temple, we went to see the Aquino family. They were eating dinner. PUPUSAS. She asked us if we wanted to eat some pupusas. DUH. They were the best pupusas i have ever had. so much cheese. One day i will go on a diet and loose all this weight ive gained in this area.... For some reason the last couple weeks, people have been like fighting to feed us. We get fed EVERY SINGLE DAY. No complaints. I looooooovvvvveeeeee the food here. Its just so not healthy! Oh well. So then that night we went to go see an investigator named Tania that we havent seen forever. She wasnt there but her cousin was. I had talked to him before but he wasnt ever there. He told us he read the pamphlet we gave him and had tonssss of doubts and questions! Sooo we gave him a book of mormon and marked some chapters to answer his questions. sadly they were actually moving that night :( but we got his number so we are going to send the missionaries over there! He is golden.
This week we tried to do some OYMing. So we went to areas where there were some potentials and just tried to talk with everyone. We went to this one trailer park and the first guy we talked to was pretty much a hippi. He didnt listen to a word we said and kept saying how, "we never really die! you ahve to be ALIVE! we are like a waterfall!" etc. So we just like turned to each other and we were like alright we gotta go. We tried to give him a book of mormon but he said that if we had it, it was like he had it. mhhmm... not really. Close.. but not really. hahaha it was just so funny!
Skip to friday. We had NO miles left on the car. Seriously. So we planned to go on bikes. But lucky us we got a girl from the english ward who is going on her mission in december to come out with us for a little bit earlier in the day. The part of the day when it was POURING rain. yessssss. So we first went and saw someone named Mariel. We hadnt seen her for a while because she always cancelled our appointments but then we saw her again and she is still so solid and golden! She wants to be baptized but cant because she isnt married. Ive always wanted a marriage and then baptism on my mission and I am praying that this will be it!! She loves the Book of Mormon. And she was going to go to church on sunday but it decided to rain. And no one likes to drive in the rain. soooooo... she didnt come. But next week!!! Then later that day we got to see the daughter of a member who is super/kinda sorta less active. Her name is Mareli and she is married to a non member. We are trying to teach her husband and she is all for it too. She wants him to get baptized so bad. We talked to her about family history and then the subject changed to what she wants in life and her goals. She has the goal to come back to church and get married in the temple. SUCH A GOOD GOAL. And I know if she does her part then the Lord will help her to acheive that goal. So awesome. We are so excited to work with that family more! She told us to come more often! YES! I LOVE when people tell us to come more often!!! :)
Sunday was another miracle. Little one, but a miracle. I had to play piano in sacrament meeting and it went kinda okay. haha no that wasnt the miracle. That was the nightmare. They like to throw songs at me that I dont know but I am called to serve and so i had to do it!!! I played only the right hand but it went alright. The members are very patient with me :) Anyways so I was sitting up on the stand waiting while the bishop was saying announcements and then Mario (less active) and his dad (investigator) walked in!!!! His dad, Jose, hasnt come to church the entire time that I have been here! So that was such a miracle. Also, the nephew of a member came and we have been trying to teach him forevs. So miracles are happening every day!!!
Yesterday we saw another sweet miracle. It was an interesting situation too. So we had an extra hour so we went to go try a less active that we had never met before but was on the ward list. So we go over there and we are about to knock on the door and a guy looks around the corner of the store right next to the store and tells us to wait for a minute. So we wait there and like 5 minutes later he comes back. As he was walking towards us, Hermana Taylor and I both were like HOW do we know this guy?? WHY does he look so familiar?? Then as he comes to shake our hands it clicked!!! It was a friend of Rosalinda (recent convert) that was there when we went to go see Rosalinda one time! He didnt say anything about being a member!!! He is going to a catholic church now. But we were able to teach him part of the Restoration. When we were talking about prophets he told us that he reads the bible every day and then just started bawling. It was hard to see. He loves God so much and just wants to be with his family but he is divorced and all his kids are far away from him. It just hurt my heart to see him hurting. We bore testimony that if he wanted to really feel Gods love for him and receive comfort and peace and happiness in his life, that he would come to church with us this sunday. He said he would try. I just felt at that moment a little piece of how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ feel about us. They love us so much and they are so sad when we are hurting and they just want us to be happy. And as missionaries, we can help people be HAPPY. The BEST calling in the world!!
Well, I know this church is true. And this is the Lords work. Thank yall for your love and support and prayers!! Love yall and hope yall have a FANTASTIC week!! :)
Con mucho amor,
hermana Dorian

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