Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This Gospel changes lives. Our faith can change lives too!

Hello again! I hope everyone is doing great!! This week... started off hard. But through hours and hours of prayer the Lord helped me and gave me the strength and faith that I needed. And He really blessed us with an AMAZING week!! We just decided that we were going to work as hard as we could to baptize ALL of Manvel. We are getting there ;) 

So we seriously see so many miracles in this area every single day. And this week it was like miracle after miracle after miracle all day long every day. The Lord is truly hastening His work here in Manvel! We were able to see less actives that we havent seen in a long time and investigators hearts were softened and opened and changed. Slowly, but its happening. As we focused on prayer and just really asking the Lord to guide us to His children He had prepared, we could see Him guiding us to just the right place at just the right time. Like one day we decided to go try a less active/returning family and they werent home. Luckily we had our bikes on the back and we decided to just go bike around. We went to try some formers and potentials and then as we were coming back to the car I had a feeling to go down a certain road. We did and the first person we passed, he yelled out, "Hey! are yall the Mormons?!" YEP. We turned right around and went to talk to him! He was visiting his inactive sister and actually lives in Houston but is willing to meet with missionaries! So cool!! Then we got to give out a Book of Mormon to another kid sitting outside! My testimony really has grown so much these past 16 months. It is so important to live worthy of the spirit and then follow those promptings of the spirit or else you wont get any more! The spirit can literally tell us what to do. Its AMAZING.

This week we had Zone Meeting and it was SO AWESOME. I have the best zone. Its really a zone full of missionaries with lots of faith and the desire to do what the Lord wants. My favorite part was when the Zone Leaders talked about prayer. One thing they said was:
Prayer = Form of worship
The way you live your life = form of worship
We should be constantly living in an attitude of prayer but the way we live our lives and always have a prayer in our hearts. Then after that discussion, we prayed as a Zone. It was the most powerful prayer. The spirit was SO strong! Sister Sellers led the prayer and everything she said was by the spirit. She prayed for all the investigators individually for every area and then prayed for all the missionaries individually and said things that she didnt even know were going on. I just felt the spirit hit me like a wall and I know that the Lord is mindful of each and every one of US, and each and every one of our INVESTIGATORS. He KNOWS. And He has prepared so many people in our area and we just have to find them!

After Zone Conference, we played soccer with the ward and TONS of less actives showed up! We had sooooo many people there playing! There was also a family there that werent members and we invited them to play with us and they did! We got their number and we will be calling them to invite them this friday :) Also, after Zone Meeting we decided to exercise our faith and go see Angelica. She stopped answering texts and stuff and we thought something we said kinda freaked her out. But we went and she let us in and we were able to establish our purpose and she read the intro and we think she is just going to her church for her husband! Miracles! We know she can be baptized soon and that she will know this church is true as she reads more of the Book of Mormon and comes to church!

Saturday, was a miracle day! We got to see Maria and Valerie and we really feel like they will be ready for baptism really soon! We are working so hard with them :) Then later that day we went to try Gabriel and his family who we OYM'd last week and then we taught Gabriel earlier this week. We went to our appointment and Gabriel wasnt there but his wife Andrea was! SHE IS AWESOME! The minute she opened the door I just felt so much love for her. And her boys? Oh my gosh. Cutest/smartest boys ever. She has TONS of questions. But she is so ready. So prepared! She is questioning her own church and all the answers we gave her she agreed with and we testified that all the answers to her questions she could find in the Book of Mormon. She is so open and we are so excited to teach that family! :) And then we went to see Ana, Francisco and Francisco's kids and they accepted baptismal dates! Well Ana is a member and her husband isnt. They just recently got married and now he can be baptized! They will be baptized on the 16th!! :) 

Sunday... KHIARA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Khiara is the cutest 9 year old. She is so sweet. Kenia and Ashley who got baptized 3 weeks ago are her older sisters :) She wanted to get baptized with them but her mom told her to wait! But she showed up to church late yesterday (we were FREAKING out that she wasnt going to come) but she did and during the 3rd hour we taught her almost everything (because we hadnt been able to teach her all week!) and then she had her interview after church! After church she like came up and gave us the biggest hugs and she was so happy. It was the cutest thing ever. So she goes to get baptized, and Elder Tew had filled up the font too high!!! So she walks in and is basically SWIMMING in the font and is like basically already baptized because she already was covered with water except for her head. I was DYING laughing!!! BUt everything went so well. OH! And Slatenka spoke about the Holy Ghost! She has come so far. She is so very special to me. She spoke about how she doesnt know much about the church, but that she has faith and she knows she will keep learning. She started crying and just expressed how grateful she was that her mom kept telling her to come to church and for the examples of her family. That family is so special and we are taking them to the temple in a few weeks! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! And seeing the gospel change people :)

Well I am so sorry this email is kinda all over the place. SO much that happened! But I love you all so much. Thank you for all the love and support! Que tengan una buena semana!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Dorian

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