Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Busy Busy Busy!

Hello everyone!! I hope yall had a FABULOUS week! Because we definitely did :) it was such a better week than last week thats for sure. We rested up all day on Monday so we would be able to go out and work. And let me tell you, it felt SO good to get out and work and help the people in our area come unto Christ. Nothing makes me happier than that! :) This week, we saw sooooo many miracles and I learned something. God loves us SO much. Each and every one of us. More than we can even imagine. And if we just talk to Him and counsel with him on everything, than He will answer our prayers and He will talk back to us. EVERY TIME. I love this gospel. Okay here is how the week went this week!

So to start off, we went to go visit the guy that rear ended us the week before just to see how he was doing and if there was anything we could do for them. We also wanted to give them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet because he was already going through such a hard time. We talked with them for a little bit and they are seriously the sweetest family ever. The poor guy had buried his grandfather the day before and just wasnt paying attention. He still felt so bad but we told him that it was fine and that there was nothing to be sorry about! They are so awesome. We are going to give them to the English elders. We really feel like they will be baptized one day. We dont know when, but one day they will! :) Everything happens for a reason! Then later that night we were able to visit Mario and Jose! They are doing AWESOME. Mario has come to church every sunday for the past 4 or 5 weeks and his dad has come with him a couple times. We talked to them about building our foundation on Christ and then gave Jose his own Book of Mormon. He was super excited and said "es lo mas lindo!" then kissed the book. hahaha he is SO funny! And they both came to stake conference yesterday! So awesome!

Tuesday was a miracle day! Seriously. It was just miracle after miracle. We were still not feeling 100% but we were determined to work and the Lord helped us ALOT. We started out by seeing a less active that I havent seen my entire time in this area. She works a lot and has a 2 year old and is always super busy! But we were able to set something up with her and got to see her. She is married to a non member so its hard for her to go to church but she really wants to start going! Later that day after we ate with our favorite family, the Lunas, we wanted to go see Karla, our investigator. But we were a little early and werent sure if she would be home yet. So we stopped by the house of a 13 yr old that we had given a Book of Mormon to (her dad is wayyyyyyyy less active) and she was home and we taught her the Restoration on the porch! It was an AWESOME lesson and she had such great questions. Like how will God answer my prayers? And stuff like that. We are so excited for her and we are going to try to start teaching the whole family! Then after that we went to see Karla. She was home!! And she came out to talk to us. Here is the HUGE miracle that we have been praying and praying and praying for!! So we were talking to her about school and band and everything and then all of a sudden she starts talking about baptism and that she wants to get baptized! This is the best part. She talked to both her parents about it and they BOTH want her to be baptized too and were asking her about it and they gave her permission!!! We were sooooo worried that she wouldnt get permission but God answered our prayers!! She is soooo ready. She wants to come to church more but we are shooting for the 5th of October! PRAY FOR HER! Karla is the best. I love her so much. She texted us yesterday because she couldnt figure out her homework so we booked it to her house and helped her and she was able to talk to us and told us she talks to us more than anyone. We are all such good friends and its just so awesome. So please pray for her! :)

Wednesday was the best. So we have this less active named Jesus Garza. He is 82 years old and speaks spanish and english. Basically the cutest old man ever. We can barely hear him when he talks and so we are always paying real close attention and most of the time we just nod and act like we know what is going on. He is the sweetest man. He used to be super active but then I think either his wife died or they got divorced so he told the branch president tons of years ago that he was going to leave the church for a time. i think he will be like Thomas B Marsh who was an apostle to Joseph Smith and left the church for a time and then went back so strong! He always wants to take us out to dinner. But he cant so he says, "let me go see what i can find!" so he searches his pantry and fridge and this time he gave us a package of frozen raw chicken to cook at home, canned vegetables, a gallon of juice, cookies,  and plums. SO AWESOME. haha Then later that day we got to teach an investigator that is living with a member family! Its the ideal situation. He gets more and more interested every week! 

Thursday, we, well my companion, taught a member how to make banana bread and it was SO GOOD. Then we went to see Yuri! She is sooo cute. We got there and she was so happy to see us and her little boys were too. I just adore them so much. She was telling us how its hard because her husband doesnt really want her to listen to us but she told him, "well maybe one day you will want to be mormon too!" She is so cool!!! She already has a testimony of this gospel and she just has to realize it. We taught her about the temple and baptisms for the dead and I have never seen anyone so interested in it and so accepting of that. She thought it was so cool and was excited to hear about it because it was so new to her. :) Then we gave her a My Family book to fill out and she said she would. I love her so much! She is getting baptized soon too! 

Skip to Saturday! Since I was in Houston 9 more so long they let me go on an exchange back to the area for a day!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!! Seriously being there for the day brought back SO many memories! The area is a lot different but the people are all the same! All people that I love soooo much and each one has a very special place in my heart :) We got to see everyone. I will attach some pictures. Everyone was so surprised to see me though! They were like what are you doing here?!?1 I told them why and they were shocked at how fast the time has gone! I was too!! its insane!!! But everyone is doing so good and it was just nice to see everyone before I leave! 


Well, thats all i have for this week!!! Hope yall have a great week!! Have faith. I also want to invite you all to have a 30 minute prayer this week. Long prayers are the best. Just talk with your Heavenly Father. He wants to hear from each one of you! Love you all!! 

Con amor, Hermana Dorian

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