Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Prayer brings Faith, Faith brings Peace

"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called‍ of him to declare his word among his people,that they might have everlasting life." 3 Nephi 5:13
I read this scripture this week and it hit me so hard. That is my purpose. And I will fulfill that purpose to the best of my ability! I am so grateful to be on a mission and for all that I have learned. One essential eternal truth that I have learned is the Atonement is REAL. Throughout my mission, I have just come to know for myself that the Atonement is so real. Its become more real to me that it ever has or ever could here on my mission. I know without a doubt that Christ has felt every single thing that we EVER have felt and ever will feel. He makes up for everything. Its through the Atonement that everything unfair in our lives, is made fair. How amazing is that? It gives me so much peace and comfort to know that. And to know that because of the Atonement, if we choose not to and we choose to have faith, we don't have to suffer as much as Christ did. He takes away the suffering. I know that from experience. We have such a loving Heavenly Father and we are all His special children who He loves so much! Trust in Him! :)
This week, we saw a lot of miracles. It was a very emotional week and I was a little all over the place. But it was a good week, now that I look back at it. I really am so grateful for all the trials that I go through in life. They make me so much stronger and I learn so much. I learned a lot from my trials this week. During the week we had a mini zone meeting and our zone leader challenged us to pray for 30 minutes every day and make the time for it. Man, I can testify that doing that really builds faith. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have the faith I have today. Its amazing. To just have a 30 minute conversation with your Heavenly Father. Truly such a cool experience! I challenge all of you to do that this week!! EACH DAY. You will see miracles and just feel a difference. Seriously my relationship with my Heavenly Father has grown immensly. 

So despite the hard times, we saw a lot of miracles this week! On Tuesday, we decided to go out on bikes for a little while and just explore a part of the area I had never explored. So we were biking on this road and I had no idea where we were but we went by this house and i felt like we should knock but we didnt. We rode by it again and I was like okay yeah we need to knock on that door. We knocked and this lady answered and was like, "Ohhh hola!!" and was super nice and let us right in! I was like alright this is sweet! So we went in and met Guadalupe and Hortencia. Hortencia is Guadalupes mother in law and Hortencia has tons of kids that are baptized in Mexico and a granddaughter that is on a mission! SO COOL. So they knew who we were! Hortencia has a problem with modern prophets but we are going to go back this week and help her understand :) So excited! A less active (her son) lives there so we are so happy we found that family! Blessings for biking. Then later that night we went and saw Elizabeth and she is awesome! We have really good discussions with her. We talked about faith and she was really happy because she said that was exactly what she needed. I love her :) She is slowly becoming more open to the gospel! 

Wednesday, we had a training all day with President Ashton for the newer missionaries and their companions! We had a training on the Atonement and I learned soooo many new things which was so cool! One thing i learned was that some times bad things dont happen when they should because it isnt pertinent to our salvation. Christ's grace and mercy covers that and takes those away so we dont have to suffer them. I love the Atonement. But that was really what I needed that day. 

Every friday night, we play futbol with the ward and the ward mission leader, Hermano Correa invites EVERYONE. So we went and I wasnt sure if we were going to have any investigators there but we got there and THERE WERE TONS. Francisco (recent convert) and ALL his family who arent members were there! Such a miracle! And then a reallllyyy inactive member went with his son! We are teaching his wife, Yvette and she doesnt want to get baptized until he can baptize her but its a miracle he is now participating in activities! :)

Saturday morning we went to go see Erica Hernandez. We hadnt seen her in a while but we finally got to go visit her. That morning during my personal study I felt so strongly that we needed to teach her the Atonement. So we did and the spirit was so so strong. She was smiling and answering questions and just was a lot more responsive that she usually is and she seemed a lot happier! Then we extended the 24th of August to her and she VERY SOFTLY accepted it!!! MIRACLE!! She neverrrr has accepted baptismal dates!! She also expressed her concern. That she doesnt understand the purpose if she might miss coming to church sometimes. She wants to know she will keep that promise. So now we know how to teach her! We are sooo excited :) We know she will be baptized! And then that night we went to a Mexican wedding of one of our investigators and active members. yesssss. i love hispanics and their weddings. 

Well, thats all i have for you! I love you all and I hope yall have an amazing week. Remember, the Atonement covers EVERYTHING. :) 

Con amor,
Hermana Dorian

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