Tuesday, June 16, 2015

God loves us, and He has a PERFECT plan for all of us.

This week, I have learned a lot. We learn a lot from our trials. I learned this week that 
1. God loves all of His children so much and He is watching out for us
2. He has a perfect plan for all His children.
I didnt really want to write about this but if i dont, then i wont have anything to write about in my email this week. So the week started out normal. We had our Pday and we played games with our zone and that night we got to go out and see some recent converts. Tuesday, we had an appointment with Argelia but during studies she texted us and cancelled the appointment and so we rescheduled for Wednesday at the same time. So we went to see first Hermana Jurado who is in the Relief Society presidency and she is all ready to start working on reactivation with the sisters in the ward. So we helped her by writing out lists of the active sisters and of the less active sisters. It was really cool! Then we saw Eunice and talked to her about getting divorced and she asked us to get the information for her and she would go do it. YES! Then we later ate with the Luna family and saw Ines. Ines is my FAV. She is soooo cute. We had somewhere else to be but she was talking and telling us about all the problems she is going through again. And so we just sat there and listened while she cried. It broke my heart. BUt she was so happy that we were there. And she wants to be baptized so bad but she isnt sure if she is going to move or not :( We hope she doesnt but she is still deciding! But she LOVED the Restoration movie and loved Joseph Smith's story. She just understood it so well and said that what we were teaching was like we were bringing it back to her memory. :)
So Wednesday we started off the day with District Meeting. Then we went to see Argelia with Tori Scott, a member in the English ward. We drove with her in her Astro Van. This is when are entire week turned around! We were turning from the highway to the street to go to Argelias and as we are braking to turn, all of a sudden we got hit. We were rearended by a guy in a truck going 60-70 mph. But I tell you all this just to show you the MIRACLES that we saw from this accident. It was probably one of the most scariest moments of my life. Once the car stopped we made sure we were all okay. We couldnt find our phones so we couldnt call anyone. But then a couple people came out of the only shop that was on that road and they called 911 for us. But this is the coolest part. All of a sudden this lady walks to the car. She happened to be a certified EMT that was just driving by at that moment. She stopped and checked to see that we were okay and waited with us until the ambulance came. She was a life saver. I was sooooo grateful for her. Then so many people just showed up and helped us. As i was sitting there in the car, I just felt sooo much love for everyone around us. I felt so much love for the man that hit us too. He was a mess. He was just bawling because he felt sooo bad that it had happened. But we reassured him that everything was fine and that he shouldnt worry. We later learned that his grandpa had just died and they just had had the funeral a few days before. So we are going back to his house tonight to teach him the plan of salvation :) There is a reason for everything. 
It was actually pretty awesome though because it was the only time my entire mission that people have flocked to us :) haha and you better believe we shared the gospel with every single person that came and asked us if we were okay! It was AWESOME. But the rest of the week we have been taking it easy and resting and wanting to work sooo bad but we just cant :( So just pray that we will get well so we can get back to work!!! 
I just know and have such a stronger testimony of miracles. And that God is in every fabric of our lives. He loves us so much. The miracles we saw this week were countless. I am also so grateful for priesthood authority that has been restored here on the earth today and we have the ability and opportunity to receive priesthood blessings. We got blessings from our bishop and it was such a powerful experience. I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful to teach people about it everyday! 

Hope yall have a great week!! Love you all so much! :)
Con amor,
Hermana Dorian

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