Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Following Ammon's Example

I just want to start off with a scripture. James 5:20
 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins. 
We as missionaries are saving a multitude from sin as we first repent ourselves, and then invite EVERYONE to do something and to repent!! We are all imperfect and EVERYONE needs this gospel. I just love this scripture so much and it hit me really hard when I read it in personal study this week. 

Okay so this week was haaaarrrrrddddddd. But good as well!! Just like about every week. So on Monday night, we played futbol with the kids at a trailer park. It was SO fun!! I was soooo tired though afterwards. And we lost :( so sad. The kids are gonna help me practice though! But before that we were ready to go and help a recent convert cut the grass in her yard but we show up and it was already done!!!! So we asked her what happened and she said that another recent convert's boyfriend had come over and done it for her!! SO NICE. The people here are so great. They just help everyone out! 

The downside of having a car is that we only have a certain amount of miles. On a bike, we had "unlimited" miles. No stress. But in a car, its not that way. lammeee. haha so we were sooooo stressed about miles this week. So Tuesday we went out on bikes for a little bit. Its really hot and humid here. But I just kept reminding myself that I am not doing this for me. This is all for the Lord and these people. Well we bike to our appointment and she wasnt there. She forgot she was meeting with us..... So we just tried a less active close to that area that we have been trying for 2 weeks. SHE WAS HOME. MIRACLES. Man miracles truly do come from sacrifices. We invited her to church and talked about the sacrament. She says she cant wake up. Church starts at 2. ? We are going to work really hard to get her back to church! She still has a testimony!! We have to save that testimony. But anyways then we tried some other people that werent home and then had dinner with the Familia Garza. She was so sweet! And then we taught the english class. A nonmember was visiting a family in our ward and she came to the class. and we got to share a message with her :) saweet!!

Wednesday was fun. We drove to the trailer park where everyone lives and just tried everyone we know there! We walked by this guy getting stuff out of a van and he invited us in! His mom used to talk to missionaries and she loves her kids learning about the gospel. She says she just believes in her Bible though. haha so we talked to her and discussed with her why we have the Book of Mormon, who Joseph Smith is, and why he isnt in the Bible. We have gotten that question so much lately. "Why does it not mention Joseph Smith in the Bible?". I just wish i could sit down with people for 2 hours and just explain everything about the Restoration to them and how it makes so much sense. But we had a good discussion and were able to use scriptures from the Bible to support what we were saying! Said we could come back :) Then we ate dinner with the bishops wife and her kids and mom visiting from Mexico. As we were leaving, Sister Hironymous came outside with us and told us how she really wants us to come over and teach her mom and help her. She is a member but is not active in Mexico and doesnt go to church. But she goes every sunday when she is here. I LOVE her mom sooo much and so i am really excited to work with her and help her! We started on Family History with her this week and it was so fun to hear all her stories of when she joined the church. Then we went to see a less active family and I went to go to the bathroom and it smelled SO strong of smoke. It broke my heart. I dont even know them that well. But it just broke my heart. Soo... we taught the word of wisdom! Then their son didnt come to church on Sunday. So please pray for them!! 

I LOVE media referrals. Lately, our media referrals have truly been the prepared people. So this week we got a media referral for Heidi and Ester Estrada. We looked up their address on the GPS and it couldnt find it. So we were driving down the street it was on and I happened to look over and see the house number on a mailbox! So I pulled over fast to go find the house. Okay that was actually the day before. Fast forward to Thursday when we had an appointment with them. So we go and we had a lesson with Heidi and her husband Xavier. Xavier said that he is athiest. Anytime someone tells me that, it makes me sad. I'm just like.. "why??" There is SO much evidence that God exists!! He loves us so much. So we bore strong testimony of that with personal experiences in our lesson. We taught the whole Restoration and it was really powerful. I felt the spirit so strong and Xavier asked us some really good questions. He then asked us about repentance and the after life so we left him with Alma 34 and Alma 11 to read. He said he would read it and try to pray. And he was really excited to come to church!! Fast forward to saturday night, we went and just stopped by to remind them about church and he said he had read ALL of it AND PRAYED!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! we feel SO good about them. They didnt come to church yesterday but we are going to find out why! I am not losing faith on them!!! This is going to bless their little family so much!! :) But then that night we played futbol again with the friends at the trailer park. It was a blast. The best part is that people come and stand around to watch us playing and having fun with the kids! :) And 2 of our investigators came to play with us! SO FUN!

FUNNY STORY: So we went to go find another referral and it happened to be where the english sisters live. So we knocked on the door and a black guy answered. I was like, "oh! Sorry we are looking for someone named Cesar and Tonia!" He was like, "upstairs." I was like oh okay! thank you! so we go up and we see a picture of Jesus Christ in the window. BAHA he thought we were looking for the sisters!! i was dying. i thought it was so funny. we are still in search of that referral! we will find them!! 

On Saturday, we went finding. We just went looking for all the former investigators in this one neighborhood! There were so many people being taught there. So we go looking for a man named Jose and he was actually outside watering his grass! So we start talking to him and he starts telling us he is catholic and all that stuff that we get all the time. So we testify of the Restoration and then he asks us, " if there is only one God, why are there sooo many churches?" Perfect question Jose. So I started testifying and teaching him why there are so many and then he started cutting me off and not letting me explain! I was getting really frustrated so I just was super bold with him and bore testimony of how things were changed after Christ was killed and His apostles but that we have ALL the same teachings of Christ in our church. NOTHING changed. He couldnt say anything after that. He was silent. And then accepted a Book of Mormon. I LOVE THIS WORK. 

So Ammon was an AWESOME missionary. He first served people, won their hearts, and then they were open to hearing his message. So this week, we ahve been trying to do that! Anytime  a member or investigator isnt home, we heart attack their door!!! everyone has loved it so far!! :) And we play soccer with the kids and just go out of our comfort box. Instead of just throwing our message at them, we try to win their hearts. Its been so much fun. Because we have such a wonderful message and if their hearts are open to it, they will be more receptive!

Well I hope yall have a great week!!! Pray for our investigators please!! I love you all so much!!! :)
Con muchhhoooo amor,
Hermana Dorian!

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