Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another warning, CAMEL? fattest cat ever.

I will explain the title of my email later. But man... i am just SO happy to be a missionary. It's the greatest calling in the WORLD. Okay i am sure mom you would disagree and say being a mother is the best calling in the world.. but for now, this is the best calling ;) haha we had a really great week this week and we just continue to see miracles every single day!! I also learned a lot this week. So i wont waste any time tell yall about it!!

So on Tuesday, Slatenka made us lunch. SHE IS THE CUTEST. Literally I like wanted to cry after we talked to her on the phone Tuesday morning because she is just the sweetest lady ever and I just love her SO much. My heart is so full of love for her. Okay anyways so they made us a yummy lunch and then ALL of Dora's grandkids came out and she sat them all down on the couch to listen to us. So we taught the Restoration with cups and all the kids loved it and they knew all the answers. Kids are so smart these days! 
So later that day, we went to go contact a less active that I had never met before named Jesus Garza. COOLEST OLD MAN I KNOW. Okay so we knock and he opens the door and says, "oh.. are yall the mormons?..... yeah. me too." hahaha it was awesome. then he proceeds to ask me if i wanted "watermelo". Of course!! So he brings out a watermelon and chops it in half and basically gives us each 1/4th of it. a piece bigger than my face. Then as we were leaving, he brings us out a bag of fruit and a gallon of juice. SO AWESOME. 
Later that night, I felt like we needed to go see a less active/PMF. So we went and her A/C was broken and her and her poor kids were just dyin in there. She didnt want to go to her moms house though. Anyways, so we asked if we could share a message with her and she said no because she was stressed so we just left her with a prayer. The next day, we were eating dinner with her mom and she told us that Mareli had told her that after we left, her babysitter had called to tell her she had cancelled her appointment the next day and could watch her kids, which took the stress away from Mareli. So her mom was telling her she needed to pray and she was able to tell her mom that example! so cool!!! prayer is sooo powerful!

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference which was just awesome. Most of it was spent doing role plays and we were able to recieve a lot of revelation. I LOVED it. I learned that we all have a different spiritual language and we have to learn it in order to recieve revelation and recognize answers to our questions and prayers. So we have been applying that to our investigators and helping them realize answers to their prayers!
Starting with Maria and Valerie. We saw Maria on Friday which was really good! We taught her about prayer and recognizing answers. We asked her if she had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and she said one time. So after a little questionaire, we helped her to realize that she already knows the Book of Mormon is true! She asked, "what about when i get goosebumps??" THATS THE SPIRIT TELLING YOU THIS IS TRUE!!!! So cool. 
Then that night we had a dinner appointment with Mario and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is going to Dallas for work and so thats why they had us over :( I am so sad. I LOVE Elizabeth!! But this should be good because now Mario can start coming back to church! 

Saturday night we saw a pretty cool miracle! We set up an appointment with the Familia Luna who are active members. We showed up and Dora and all her family were there with Domingo who has been to church and a baptism before! It was a surprise Noche de Hogar! and the MEMBERS set it up. The members are really doing so much better with missionary work and we are so grateful! So we taught the Restoration with cups again and then had chili dogs :) 

Sunday morning, we went and saw Xavier. He let us in and we were with a member which was perfect. We taught him the 10 commandments and the Sabbath day and invited him to church again. He told us he had to work at 3 and church starts at 2. But good thing we had the member because she was able to go pick him up for church and then after the sacrament she took him back home!! As she was taking him back home, he said that there was a different spirit there. He told her there have been problems at home and that it felt good to be there. p.s. he says the BEST prayers and just wants to be part of something and feel loved and like he matters to someone. Well, he is looking in the RIGHT PLACE. He also said that he didnt want to leave and that he is coming next Sunday. PRAY that he will be baptized on the 24th!! 

This week we have also been working a lot with Francisco to get him ready for baptism this week!! He even called bishop and asked him to baptize him :) So awesome!! We have gone over everday to get him ready. But PLEASE PLEASE pray for his kids Francisco Jr and Monica!! They want to be baptized so bad but their mom wont let them!! They live with their mom and not with Francisco and she is against them being baptized. Please pray they can be baptized this weekend with their dad!! 

Okay now to explain my title. Sooo... first. On Saturday night, we were trying to get home on time and we had 4 minutes and we were literally 2 seconds from the gate to our apartment complex and i got pulled over. I mayyyyyy have been going too fast. But we had to be home on time! So I said a quick prayer and explained to the cop our mission rules :) So he was super super nice and because the Lord is so  merciful, the cop just gave me a warning. Hallelujah!! Then we tried to give him a Mormon.org card and he said, "you know what? i actually already have one of those from the other ones back there that go to that church!" HAHAHA he must have gotten them busted too :) 
On Saturday, we were driving in the more country part of our area. Hermana Taylor goes, "hermana! look!" I looked and sure enough there was a camel just chillin in a field. HAHA camel?!?! that is not something you see everyday! I love Manvel.
One night after teaching Francisco, I looked at this one porch and there was a HUGE cat. I thought it was sitting on another cat. But NOPE. It got up and walked up to me and it was SO FAT AND FURRY. I will send pictures soon. I may or may not have done a photoshoot with that cat. :) 

Well, thats my week for ya! I hope everything is doing great and loving life! We all have so much to be grateful for! :) This week we are going to get Francisco ready for baptism and his kids too and get all our recent converts to the TEMPLE to do baptisms! :) Hope yall have a great week!!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Dorian

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