Monday, December 17, 2012

I hope they call me on a MISSION! Part 2

I just couldn't fit everything about this in one post, so it is in 2 parts.

On December 5, I received that precious white envelope that I had been patiently (I use that word VERY loosely) for. Seriously, lets be real here. I tried so hard to be patient but I wasn't that successful. I was about to shrivel up... but luckily it didn't take that long and I got my call 2 and a half weeks after my papers were submitted. I will never forget that day. I was basically living at home at that point, since finals were the next week. I was getting ready when my mom came into the bathroom and told me she had just gotten off the phone with the post office and they had my call. I COULD NOT BREATHE. Literally. I was going to hyperventilate. But I had to just go about my day normally. Luckily, I had class that day. So I left the house early and drove down the canyon to school. I went to all of my classes and had to take a test. Then I went back to my apartment and just sat there. I had to find things to do to keep myself busy or I was going to go crazy! So I painted my nails and watched some T.V. on Netflix. FINALLY it was time to go pick up the people I was giving a ride to. I got them and then we were on our way up to Heber. I was so anxious and nervous. We had to wait for everyone to get there and to get on skype and then I was ready to open it. AHHHH. Well I will just put the video on here so you can watch it instead of just read about it. And I wanted to thank EVERYONE again for coming. It meant more to me than I can explain to have all the people I care about there! I was truly touched. So thank you!

Be prepared for the picture explosion.
This is the video:
Mission Call Opening

I hope they call me on a MISSION!

This past General Conference, in October, President Monson made an announcement that would change the lives of girls and boys all over the world. That announcement was that boys can now serve missions at the age of 18 instead of 19, and girls can now serve missions at the age of 19, instead of 21. I get chills every time I even think about it. Like just now. This definitely changed my life in SO many ways. 
Here is my story:
So while I was going to UVU this past semester, I worked at a mexican restaurant called Los Hermanos in Provo. The people that I worked with were great. Especially some women that had served missions. A couple times before general conference, I was talking to them about their missions and I was so interested in what it was like and everything. Then literally the night before the Saturday morning session of conference, I told them "You know, maybe this is a sign! I think I want to serve a mission! If I'm not married by the time I can go of course!". I also had been very confused about what I was supposed to do with my life the next semester. I had the option of staying at UVU, taking a semester off and just working, going up to BYU-Idaho and going to school there, or trying to transfer to BYU Provo. I prayed everyday for inspiration and answers. But I wasn't getting any. None at all. I was still so confused. Then when the announcement was made, I knew without a doubt that there was my answer. I was going to be on a mission, serving the Lord. Not in school, not working. But bringing the gospel to others. I never would have thought that I would be serving a mission. I had felt like I was supposed to about a year ago, but frankly it scared me. So I pushed that feeling aside. But now, I am not scared. I am more excited than ever. 
That week following conference, I felt Satan trying so hard on me. I felt his power everyday trying to convince me not to go. I was having second thoughts and doubts. I knew that wasn't from God. And I was feeling scared. That also was not from God. So I prayed everyday to know if this was the right decision. And I felt strongly again that it was the right thing to do. And I knew that if it was, everything would just fall into place. Everything has fallen into place. Perfectly. I am so blessed and privileged to be serving a mission at the age of 19. I know this church is true and that is why I am going. I want others to know the truth and feel what I feel. Because it is the best feeling.